Remote Internships For College Students Doubled After The Pandemic

remote internships for college students

According to Hiring Lab research, the Indeed U.S. has doubled remote internships for college students during the pandemic. Last March 2021, 20% of job postings were remote positions, compared to the 3% of March 2019. As companies and colleges stabilize remote models, internship positions rose.

The recent report on Indeed’s U.S. website revealed that the unemployment rate among young workers increased to 27.4% in April 2020. After the pandemic, the share of internship positions per million job postings dropped by 39% from 2019. On the flip side, remote internship postings rose 38% from 2020. As soon as companies and colleges settled hybrid and remote models, internship postings started over again. 

In February 2021, Indeed U.S. job postings for remote internships were 6.9%, versus 2.9% in January 2020. Even with companies returning to the offices, remote job postings keep increasing. In addition, tech leaders are offering paid remote internships. According to a Glassdoor report, interns can earn over $8,000 per month throughout the summertime.  

Top tech companies, such as Facebook ($8,023), LinkedIn ($8,009), Amazon ($7,954), and Google ($7,129), have the highest monthly salary for remote internships. This high offer confirms the trend towards remote work in the internship market. As companies are planning permanent work-from-home options, college students can apply for remote internships across the U.S.


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