Google Expands Remote Work Plans

Google remote work

Following the pandemic evolution, Google expands remote work plans. The tech giant expects a hybrid model with 60% Googlers working a few days per week in the office, 20% in new office locations, and the last 20% in remote mode.

Company CEO Sundar Pichai announces a more flexible approach to remote work policy. Last December, the company moved to a hybrid work week, with most employees working at least two days per week at home. Google’s hybrid model is expected to continue adapting over time. With upcoming changes in the product and function levels, Google employees can work remotely through this September.

The majority of Googlers would rather keep working at Google campuses part of the time. However, most of them would prefer to continue working from home a few days a week or moving to cheaper cities permanently. 

To accommodate its employees’ needs, Google plans new types of reconfigurable indoor and outdoor collaboration spaces. Meanwhile, the company is improving technology tools such as Google Workspace to allow effective remote and hybrid collaboration. Function leaders can adjust work location policies based on their employee roles, while employees can relocate to other offices or permanently working from home. 

In addition, Google will introduce “reset” days to help employees recharge during the pandemic this year. The 28th of May will be the next global day-off. Google does not require mandatory vaccinations for employees, but it is strongly advised before returning to the office. Meanwhile, the company is adjusting to remote work policy for its employees worldwide. 

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