Remote Employees Are Being Intimate During The Workday

Remote worker

Remote work has many benefits, the main one being flexibility. A new study found remote employees are taking advantage of it and having sex with their partners while on the clock.

TonerGiant conducted the study, where 12% of 2,000 British people surveyed admitted to having sex while working remotely.

Millennials – those aged between 28 and 40 – were the most likely to have sex while working from home 

Is it wrong? A UK government agency for official health advice says workers who use computers should be taking regular breaks. 

They recommend 10 minutes every hour or 20 minutes every two hours. That´s plenty of time for a mid-work session!

Studies show that remote workers are happier, more committed to their jobs, and successful at finding work-life balance.

Also, research has shown that when people are happier, they have more sex; proving that remote work and sexual exploration are interconnected.


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