Remote And Hybrid Jobs Are On The Rise

remote work

The labor market has been uncertain lately, with big U.S. companies conducting massive layoffs. Now, there´s been a rise in remote and hybrid jobs, which indicates that things are tilting back toward worker flexibility. 

According to new data by ManpowerGroup, all industries are offering more remote or hybrid roles month-over-month. 

In the tech sector, 34% of open roles in May allowed for remote or hybrid flexibility — by June, that share reached 40%.

Other sectors seeing big jumps in remote flexibility include finance, accounting and insurance jobs, where 36% of open roles say candidates will work remotely at least some of the time. In human resources, 31% of all openings cite a remote or hybrid arrangement.

Overall, interest in remote and hybrid work remains strong even as fewer companies offer it. In the United States, just 11% of open jobs on LinkedIn are remote, but they attract close to 50% of total job applications as of May.


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