Productivity Gym for Remote Workers in Denver

productivity gym remote workers

Founder of The Process Paul Shirley launches the Productivity Gym for remote workers.

The co-working space in Denver is designed to improve productivity, growth, and networking. The owner takes inspiration from the fitness world. When people start going to the gym, they switch environments and feel more motivated. In addition, they can see other people committed to their wellness and take inspiration for improvements. 

The Productivity Gym takes form from the same principles. The workspace offers several time slots for creatives and remote entrepreneurs. Members can book the space to work on important projects and grow professionally. Furthermore, the space provides masterclass and guidance to grow their business with realistic goals. 

As the founder, Shirley says: “Each session is an hour or two hours long, and our goal is to help people build habits and processes that they use not only in this space, but outside the space as well. It’s like going to the gym, where you are not going to sit for 8 hours – you are coming in and being very targeted to work deeply on projects.”

The Productivity Gym for remote workers aims to push individuals to achieve their best results. For example, you can book a Sprint session (1 hour) or an Extended session (2 hours). The team will support you in setting realistic goals and planning your future steps. After that, members meet again to discuss progress and challenges in adjusting their goals. 

The idea is to build healthy habits to support remote workers with their work-life balance over time. The name Productivity Gym helps visualize the type of environment in the co-working. 


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