PKF O’Connor Davies Launches Flexible Work Program

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PFK O’Connor Davies announced today it’s ‘’Schedule Your Work Week’’ flexible program that will allow employees to decide which days they will go to the office and which days they’ll stay home.

After more than a year from the pandemic, companies are looking forward to continuing with remote work to some extent. While remote workers proved to be productive, most of them struggled with loneliness and burnout. As a result, companies want to build hybrid working models that benefit both productivity, collaboration, and overall, the wellbeing of employees. 

‘’Schedule Your Work Week’’ – PKF O’Connor Davies New Flexible Program

PKF O’Connor Davies is one of the largest accounting, tax, and advisory firms of the United States. It’s also one of the first companies in the industry to encourage flexible programs to its employees.

The ‘’Schedule Your Work Week’’ program consists of a flexible work policy that gives employees the freedom to decide which days of their work week come to the office. They can work both from home and from the office.  

According to Kevin J. Keane, Manager Partner at PKF O’Connor Davies, last year they had to quickly adapt to the remote environment. Fortunately, the team thrived and now that things are getting back to normal, they want to continue with a flexible working policy. While some roles require more in-office time, the policy has not established a minimum or maximum number where an employee is allowed to work from home.

The Firm has always prided itself on staying ahead of the industry curve in regard to supporting our employees, and ‘Schedule Your Work Week’ is proof positive of that.  With this new policy, we sought to create an environment that places each of our employees in a position to develop a more robust team-oriented approach to their daily responsibilities and enhance the camaraderie and team spirit that are treasured hallmarks of our Firm culture. Dawn Perri, Chief Human Resources Officer at PKF O’Connor Davies. 

The program is designed to continue maintaining collaboration and unity in teams but also, it was born as an initiative to enable employees work at the environment they feel most comfortable and productive.


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