Phuket Community for Digital NOMADs Visa

Phuket Digital Nomad Visa

President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization, Rawat Areerob, submitted a formal request for the Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs Visa.

Phuket Provincial Administrative Organization supports local health; education; tourism; and environmental development in the Phuket area. Recently, the organization submitted a formal request for a pilot of the Digital Nomad Visa in the area. 

In short, the aim is to create a special visa for international visitors traveling to Phuket to boost the local economy. Thailand has always been one of the favorite destinations for digital nomads. Since September, the government has been talking about a 10-years visa residency scheme to attract over 1 million wealthy residents. However, the process of approval has been slow. And the organization sent an official request to the Ministry to approve Phuket Digital Nomad Visa. 

Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs Visa Proposal:

  • Residency from 6 months to 1 year. 
  • Automatic work permit. 
  • Authorization to open a saving account. 
  • Health insurance for Thailand.

If the scheme is successful, the initiative will develop a new source of income for the local community. So, the aim is to stimulate tourism and the creative community. And attract digital nomads like designers or writers. In addition, restaurants and cafes will have new business opportunities to refresh their market. 

The area has always been an attractive destination for digital nomads. And it’s full of co-working spaces and convenient locations to work and travel. Now, the organization is waiting for the Ministry’s response to the Phuket Digital Nomad Visa. 


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