Oculus Browser Improves Remote Workers’ Multitasking

remote workers' multitasking

The Oculus Browser and 2D Android apps support Windows free-form resizing on Quest 2 to improve remote workers’ multitasking. As a result, the new feature allows a better workflow for remote workers and distributed teams.

The new feature is gradually going out. But it’s not available for everyone yet. In addition to browser improvement for multitasking, new features will also be available for Android apps.

Initially, users could resize windows between three set horizontal distances: narrow, medium, and wide. Or, they could use precise adjustable horizontal resizing tools. 

The new free-form tool allows users to manipulate the browser from a corner freely. This new feature gives users more freedom to multitask while working with the Oculus Browser. Users can size windows on the desktop to individually arrange their work on the desktop. 

After the remote work revolution, most tech companies improved their technologies to offer a better experience to distributed teams. From new computers to collaborative software, new tools and devices target remote workers’ multitasking and productivity. 

The new Oculus Browser 18.1 is available on the Meta Quest platform. However, this new feature needs an update to start. 


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