NWT Government Has a New Remote Work Policy

NWT Canada

The Northwest Territories of Canada released a new remote working policy that allows most employees to work from home. Even when the Covid-19 situation gets better, NWT employees can continue working remotely permanently. 

There are various reasons why governments and companies continue choosing remote work over in-office work. For Caroline Wawzonek, NWT Finance minister, having this type of policy will attract talent and provide more job opportunities to those northerners living in smaller communities.

NWT New Work From Home Policy 

To be eligible for remote work, employees need to perform jobs to fulfill their tasks and roles 100% remotely. They should also maintain the same level of productivity and work quality. According to the NWT government, remote employees will also be responsible for the costs of working remotely. This includes phone lines, internet, and renovations. 

According to Wazonek, the idea of releasing a remote work policy is to provide a better public service: 

“This isn’t going to be an opportunity for folks to just go work from the beach. That’s not the point. The point is to be responsible and reflective of peoples’ needs and realities here inside the territory. This really is an opportunity for us to give better public service.” 

Additionally, she added the purpose is also to give people living outside the main centers the opportunity to get a job. 

“The policy is “another tool in the toolbox” to support potential employees living outside of regional centers, something that politicians and residents have long called for. “


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