NSDC and LawSikho Create Remote Jobs For Indian Youth

Remote work youth
Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

Over 10,000 Indian youngsters will now have jobs thanks to a partnership between the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), the government of India’s accelerator for skill education, and the top edtech startup LawSikho. Modern digital skills that can lead to remote employment, freelancing work, internships, and other practical professional outcomes will be taught to them.

The partnership offers both legal and non-legal training courses. In addition to established job markets, the training courses would concentrate on the new trend of remote employment.

For job seekers residing outside of India’s major cities, remote employment has changed the game. The majority of employment openings in India are focused in a few major cities. Ample talent is nevertheless accessible in rural and small towns alike because to the expanding use of secondary and higher education. In order to get work, job seekers are compelled to relocate to big cities.

The market for remote employment is not just limited to Indian employment. The potential to create numerous well-paying white-collar employment is enormous on the global labour market. India has a considerable cost edge over other countries when it comes to distant work. This calls for the discovery of possibilities, the acquisition of talent, intensive skill development, and the linking of a competent workforce with distant international prospects.

In order to meet the needs of the global remote job markets, the NSDC and LawSikho collaboration will make world-class skill development projects easily available to students, fresh graduates, and mid-career professionals throughout India through the online method.

“NSDC is committed to introduce and enable scaling of innovative solutions to promote quality skill training in the country. Lawsikho’s promising program portfolio and commitment open up a new array of aspirational opportunities for students. Further, Talent arbitrage and well-paying remote jobs would open new doors for women candidates.”Honey Pamnani, Lead, Strategic Partnerships, NSDC

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