Noodle Cat Games Has Raised $4.1M Funding For Remote Working Studio

Remote work studio
Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

Today, Noodle Cat Games announced that it has raised $4.1 million for its remote working studio. It is developed with the goal of encouraging a healthy, flexible work culture and works remotely. It provides flexible hours and four-day workweeks, among other advantages.

The funding round was led by Makers Fund led the round, with 1Up Ventures and investor Matthew Ball’s Epyllion also participating.

“David [CEO of Noodle Cat] and the Noodle Cat team impressed us with their commitment to reinvent the way the games industry approaches the development process.”Jay Chi, Founding Partner, Makers Fund

“It’s a great time to try and figure out how we should make games, not just now but in the future. A lot of the practices we have in making games have stayed the same for the last few decades … we put a lot of effort into providing satisfaction and motivation for players, but we don’t put the same into how we build our own processes.”David Hunt, Co-founder, Noodle Cat

In order to prepare for work on the company’s first game, an original IP, Noodle Cat is now hiring.

“We like to tell people we want their best, not their most … we’re trying to make a structure that is built around every person being able to work in the time and space and method that will give us the best of their skills and creativity.”David Hunt, Co-founder, Noodle Cat

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