NFTs For Foodies And Digital Nomads


The block-chain based entity Klever announces a new campaign with NFTs. A series of events will take place in restaurant and hospitality facilities for foodies and digital nomads. 

Klever is a blockchain-based entity. In short, they support businesses to build their projects through actionable NFTs. Their campaign aims to promote the initiative through different events like:

  • Tokenizing Special Events 
  • Chef Dinner Events
  • Bravery Chef Hall
  • Fractional Cookbook NFT
  • Railway AR Foodie Hunt

First, Bravery Chef Hall and Railway Heights Market will allow foodies to tokenize the event space areas. For example, Bravery Chef Hall Cookbook NFTs include savory chef recipes. Each chef creates recipe cards as tokens. After that, food vendors add a digital recipe card. As a result, the digital recipe card connects “Actionable” elements. Among the experiences, customers can find out techniques on dishes; have signed merchandise and cookbooks; and discover upcoming recipes in privileged table reservations.

The NFTs contain a date, time, the total number of persons, and other trackable metrics. If someone cannot be present, there is the option of selling food with an online auction. Or even to start a peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Further, Railway generated an exclusive AR foodie hunt. Likewise, the Nomads Hospitality (Houston, Texas) will allow digital nomads and travelers to connect with their favorite brand with an immersive experience. 

As Lian Pham, CEO of Klever, said: “We firmly believe that NFTs are the future. Conventional NFT art drops have already shown their success. We plan to capitalize on an emerging market and create new revenue and growth opportunities for brands and businesses using NFTs. With a solution-focused approach, we drive meaningful and deep community engagement.”

Klever will use NFTs to promote immersive experience with food and visitors of subsidiaries of Nomads Hospitality.


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