Nexton Will Implement a Four-day Workweek

remote work

Nexton announced this week that they would be implementing a four-day workweek to increase productivity and the team’s happiness. 

Other companies and even governments, like the case of Kaduna, are implementing this type of flexible measurements for various reasons. In some cases, instead of enabling remote work, a shorter workweek works as a flexible arrangement. In other cases, like Nexton, it is to make the staff happier. 

According to Nexton’s CEO, Diego Sternberg, this next step will lead to a better and healthier lifestyle. In the announcement published in Nexton’s blog, he mentioned: 

‘’This shift will make us make the most out of work hours and live more fulfilling lives.’’

Nexton is already a fully remote company, so this new policy provides more flexibility and autonomy for employees. The company’s purpose is to focus on trust, objectives, and team performance instead of how many hours each employee worked. 

During December 2021 and January 2022, the company will implement the 4-day work week as a pilot test to see how the teams perform under this new methodology. 


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