New York City Employees Who Work From Home Save 331 Hours Per Year

New York Subway

According to new research, remote workers in New York City are saving an impressive 331 hours annually by working from home, equivalent to a full two weeks.

The pandemic has led to a significant increase in remote work, but its impact on people’s lives has varied considerably depending on their location. For instance, those in Indianapolis only save about 196 hours per year by working from home, which is approximately 40% less than their counterparts in New York City. careers website used US Census Bureau data to find the length of the average commute in every US city and state and double it to take into account the return journeys.

The cities that would save the most time by working remotely per year are New York City workers, with 331 hours annually saved; following is Jersey City, with 283.33 hours annually saved; and in third place is Santa Clarita, with 276.6 hours.

Overall the study shows that employees in midwest and central western states would save less time than others by working remotely. The main reason is that these states have some of the lowest population densities, so the commute is an easier operation.


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