New Study on Marketers Reveals that 75% of Creative Collaboration Occurs Remotely

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According to a recent report from Filestage, based on 366 responses from marketing and advertising professionals, 75% of creative collaboration doesn´t happen in the office but remotely. 

In 2023, the report reveals a decline in fully remote marketers and creatives from 2-in-5 at the start of 2022 to 1-in-5. Instead, a rise in hybrid work, combining remote and in-person work, has increased from 49% to 65%. Only 16% reported being fully office-based. 

Key Report Findings

The report highlights a significant discovery: 75% of creative collaboration now occurs remotely, while face-to-face collaboration accounts for only 25%. This shift to remote work carries substantial implications for marketing and advertising companies. 

For instance, a mid-size advertising agency experienced the benefits of remote collaboration, streamlining their creative review process and resulting in faster project turnaround times and enhanced efficiency.

The report also reveals a crucial insight: 74% of remote creative collaboration now occurs in real time. 

This has a significant influence on the pace of remote collaborations, surpassing those conducted in traditional office settings. A notable case is a large professional services company where remote creative teams collaborated on projects in real-time, resulting in improved project speed and heightened productivity.


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