New Remote Work Professional Certificate Course For Washington Residents

remote work certificate
Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash

The Remote Work Professional Certificate that helps prepare participants to be effective remote workers as an employee, freelancer or entrepreneur is now available to Washingtonians.

The one-month long, 30 hour online course is developed by Utah State University Extension and Washington residents can take it up because of an affiliate agreement with Washington State University Extension and with support from the Washington Rural Initiative, a partnership between Washington State University Extension and the AWB Institute with support from Avista and STCU. 

The course’s registration fee is $299 and those from Avista service area who are unemployed or underemployed can avail scholarships.

“If an individual has the skills, and the certificate to demonstrate they have those skills, they can be competitive in the digital employment marketplace. They don’t have to leave the place they choose to live to find a job, and the benefits of that job come back to their community. This project provides the key to a door that individuals in rural communities might not otherwise be able to walk through.”Mike Gaffney, Assistant Director, WSU Extension

This course helps students learn better time management and other necessary skills for remote work like familiarity with online communication tools, creating a digital work portfolio, etc. The course also helps students understand how to search for a remote job.

After a month, participants will receive a certificate of completion of the Remote Work Professional course jointly issued by WSU and USU. Those who successfully complete the course will join a community of people who share ideas and job postings while also supporting each other.

Registration is now open for the November session.

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