New Remote Work Life: Work During Day, Culture and Nightlife At Night

Remote work life
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Global Work & Travel, based in Australia, has introduced a Remote Working solution that allows travellers to work in another nation during the day and then explore the nightlife and culture after hours.

Global’s first remote trip will take place in Costa Rica over four weeks in April and May, followed by a second trip in September, with other Remote sites to be announced throughout 2022.

Jürgen Himmelmann, the CEO and Co-founder of Global Work & Travel and a three-time winner of the Business News Australia Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Professional Services, says the decision to offer remote work options for travellers was entirely driven by demand.

“In recent years, and thanks mainly to the COVID-19 crisis, remote working has become a way of life for many people and it has become the ‘new normal’ for an increasingly growing segment of the working community, and for entrepreneurs of course. The beauty of this new travel experience is that you get to do your normal week’s work, while looking after your clients or employer to the highest level, but at the end of the day, swap your inner city flat or suburban home for an overseas destination that’s waiting to be explored. Travellers get to spend their day in a specialised remote work space with like-minded digital nomads, then clock off and experience the culture in a whole new part of the world. There’s no annual leave necessary. They can turn their work day into a memorable experience with the potential to collaborate and network with like-minded professionals, armed with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection.”Jürgen Himmelmann, CEO and Co-founder, Global Work & Travel

In the past nine months, the number of remote and work-from-home (WFH) jobs advertised has nearly doubled, according to data analytics firm The Purpose Bureau. From March 1 to December 31, 2021, the number of job postings offering temporary and permanent remote and WFH alternatives climbed by 95%, according to the study.

“This remote working trend is not just here to stay, it’s growing exponentially. What if you could do your remote work while exploring the world? And possibly collaborate with like-minded ‘remoties’ who love to travel and experience a new culture. And unlike remote working back home, you’ll have an opportunity to open your personal network to a new group of professionals from all over the world.”Jürgen Himmelmann, CEO and Co-founder, Global Work & Travel

Remote workers will spend a week in a different town and hotel each of the four weeks of their Costa Rica tour. During the day, they’ll be able to work from a spacious common workspace or in a cosy room with good in-room Wi-Fi. Learn to surf, discover Costa Rica’s coast and rainforest interiors, bask in volcanic hot springs, participate in sea turtle conservation and visit a sloth sanctuary are just a few of the activities they can participate in.

“The idea for the concept of a remote trip package was borne out of a need to bring together senior management of Global Work & Travel from Australia, the UK and Canada during worldwide pandemic restrictions. Costa Rica had few entry requirements and provided us the base to spend six weeks in April 2021 planning our way out of the pandemic. We pretty much did what we offer on the Costa Rica trip. We spent a week in different destinations, working remotely and enjoying the local culture and hospitality. Local tourism in Costa Rica was devastated by Covid and we also saw this as an opportunity to create something that would drive visitor traffic back to these people who really looked after us while we were there.”Jürgen Himmelmann, CEO and Co-founder, Global Work & Travel

There are various sites in Europe and Asia being considered for the Remote Working offering in the future.

Newly released by Global Work & Travel is the study product, aimed at the ever-expanding travel industry for learning and self-improvement.

The organization is seeking to diversify its consumer base by introducing 13 overseas study packages for travellers between the ages of 18 and 85.

Learning Japanese in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka; Italian in Bologna; tango and photography (separately) in Buenos Aires; Spanish in Valencia and Costa Rica; coffee making and cooking (separately) in Florence; and two separate marine science and scuba courses in False Bay, South Africa are just some of the courses offered.

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