New Program in NYC Enables City Employees To Work Remotely For Two Days Each Week


Mayor Eric Adams has agreed with District Council 37 (DC37) to implement a flexible work pilot program. This program allows eligible city employees to work from home for up to two days a week.

In September 2021, Mayor Bill de Blasio mandated that municipal workers should return to the office for five days a week, and Mayor Eric Adams expressed strong support for companies eliminating remote work.

However, as part of budget negotiations with DC37, the city’s largest union, Adams adjusted his stance. Previously critical of working from home, Adams recognized the need for flexibility and agreed to implement a pilot program allowing eligible employees to work remotely.

“As we make this shift into a post-pandemic reality for offices, we must do it in a thoughtful way in partnership with our union leaders. I have always said that any flexible work programs the city offers must acknowledge the reality that there are some roles that cannot be performed remotely. This new pilot program will protect core services that New Yorkers rely on while offering city workers additional flexibility in their schedules.” Mayor Eric Adams

The pilot program encompasses 30 city agencies under DC37, including the NYC Department of Buildings and the NYC Department of Social Services. To address employee morale and enhance recruitment and retention, the agreement establishes a “Work Flexibility Committee.”

The program is set to conclude on May 31, 2025, at which point the city and DC37 will evaluate the possibility of extending it for another year, as per the administration’s statement.


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