New Jersey Lifts Remote Work Order

new jersey offices lift remote work order
Photo by Joey Pedras on Unsplash

Businesses in New Jersey can now call remote workers back to office as the state lifts remote work order. Vaccinated employees can now also work without a mask from June 4.

“There should never be any stigma against any co-worker who may be fully vaccinated but chooses just to be safe to wear a mask. We are going to continue requiring state employees to mask up and to keep social distancing at state offices and work sites while we continue to transition back to normal.”Governor Murphy

Although the on-site regulations have been eased, Governor Murphy also said the state will be considering remote working arrangements in order to give more flexibility to employers.

“We encourage all employers to do the right things for their specific workplaces. While we are rescinding some requirements, that doesn’t mean that we don’t expect you to be flexible and to work with employees particularly those who are juggling family obligations such as childcare.”Governor Murphy

After the lift of remote work order, businesses have a lot more freedom. From remote work to hybrid working models, they can opt for whatever suits their organizations the best.

“I think we’re gonna see a lot of change in the business model, but the reality and the end of the day is the majority of businesses are very excited to get their work force back.”Michele Siekerka, President of New Jersey Business and Industry Association

But according to some, the freedom of not wearing a mask or maintaining social distance given to those who are vaccinated could pose legal, ethical and scientific challenges.

“For example, if you already had the Covid, you have natural immunity, which is better than vaccine immunity. These people are still being told to get the vaccine but it doesn’t make sense.”Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Professor of Medicine at Harvard

With immediate effect, the state is also lifting group limits in child-care classes.

Class sizes are now limited to 15 (with masks) as they reopened in June.

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