New Coworking Space For Women Who Work Remotely

Women who work remotely
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The Hive is a new coworking space for women who work remotely in Fairport.

The Hive is a working women’s coworking space that offers them a productive workstation and a place to focus on their job and skills.

Chelsea Zawadzki, the owner, came up with the concept after raising children through the COVID-19 pandemic and needing a place to travel, work, and explore her talents outside of the home. In addition to offering a place to work or create, The Hive also offers part-time childcare for working parents who wish to bring their children.

“I think women… we wear all the hats. I mean, not not that dads don’t do a lot of things and whatever, but I think it’s generally the traditional role of a woman to take on the head of the household, take on raising our kids, even if they are in daycare, we’re still the ones that do all the doctor’s appointments and all of the things, and then add the aspect in of having a full time job. It’s a lot, so this is just maybe a little bit of a relief.”Chelsea Zawadzki, Founder, The Hive

The Hive debuts at a critical juncture in the pandemic, when women have been seen abandoning their jobs in considerable numbers. According to McKinsey & Company analysis, over 2.3 million women will have quit their employment by 2020. Women’s participation in the labor force is at its lowest level since 1988, at 57%.

“It bridges the gap for working moms who may not need full-time childcare, but may need a couple hours to pop in and work. Or if you don’t have kids, that’s okay, too, or if you don’t work, and you just need a couple hours to veg and chill out in the company of other great women, you can do that here.”Chelsea Zawadzki, Founder, The Hive

Zawadzki hopes that the facility will help to change that and provide an environment where all women are valued.

“Especially if you are a small business owner, or work from home, if you’re an entrepreneur, there’s nobody giving you a pat on the back… I want this to be a place where you feel celebrated. If you’re on your own, and you have a win, tell us all about it, and we’ll celebrate you.”Chelsea Zawadzki, Founder, The Hive

There are four types of membership:

  • A day pass costs $20.
  • Regular membership with no childcare is available.
  • Unlimited with childcare.
  • You can rent a private office and add childcare.

The location is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is located at 1387 Fairport Rd, Suite 1000D 14450.

Click here for membership or to explore membership pricing.

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