Nearly Half of Remote Workers Face Anxiety

Remote workers
Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

According to a Breeze Survey, nearly half of remote workers face suffer from increased anxiety and lower productivity.

Breeze surveyed about 1,000 remotely working Americans from Sept. 23-25 whose companies have restarted in-office operations and welcomed some employees back to the office.

Survey Results

  1. 47% respondents said they are experiencing remote work-related anxiety as their other colleagues return to the office.
  2. 66% of remote employees said the anxiety caused by working from home has negatively affected their productivity.
  3. The three most common self-reported symptoms from remote work-related anxiety are muscle pain, exhaustion and headaches. For about half of respondents, remote work has led to depression, irritability, sadness and panic attacks.

Since the survey was particularly for those whose colleagues have returned to office while they themselves continue to work remotely, it is hard to say if the anxiety came from working from home or as a result of feeling left out. The elevated levels of anxiety could be related to being socially distant from their workplace while other colleagues get a chance to go back to work.

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