Monitoring Software in Widespread Use by Nearly All Major Businesses for Employee Tracking

cameras outside

A recent study reveals that most businesses now employ monitoring software to oversee employee activities during working hours. 

This trend extends to even in-office settings, with certain companies such as JPMorgan monitoring and imposing penalties on employees while they are physically present at the workplace. 

In a survey conducted by, which polled approximately 1,000 business leaders nationwide, it was found that 96 percent of respondents working in organizations with either fully remote or hybrid workforces reported implementing some form of employee-monitoring software. 

Remarkably, only 10 percent of these companies had adopted such measures before the pandemic, highlighting a growing commitment to surveillance measures, as exemplified by tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Meta, who are actively enforcing stricter attendance policies for office presence.

Data provided by ResumeBuilder indicates that the software tools that have emerged during this transition – including those designed to block content, monitor keystrokes, and capture screen screenshots of employees – are expected to remain a prominent fixture. 

This projection aligns with the growing trend of employees being mandated to work from physical office locations more frequently.

According to the ResumeBuilder study, 63% of surveyed businesses expressed strong confidence that the implementation of such software significantly contributed to enhancing productivity.

This finding underscores the ongoing division of public opinion regarding this matter.


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