Minister McEntee Announces Immediate Removal of Visa Requirements Between Ukraine and Ireland

Ukraine and Ireland
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Helen McEntee TD, Ireland’s Minister for Justice, has declared that visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland will be removed immediately.

Families of Irish citizens living in Ukraine will be able to leave more easily, as would those of Ukrainian citizens living in Ireland.

All Ukrainians intending to go to Ireland will be entitled to this emergency measure.

Exemption from the visa requirement for citizens of Ukraine takes immediate effect.

Traveling to Ireland without a visa is now possible for those who think it’s safe to leave Ukraine for the foreseeable future. Individuals entering Ireland at this time without a visa have 90 days to establish their status in the country following their arrival there. The impact of this position will be constantly examined and reviewed on a regular basis.

“I am appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the unjustified and unprovoked attack against a democratic sovereign state in Europe. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people and will, working with our partners in the European Union, play our part in assisting them in their time of need. That is why I am immediately lifting visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland. This will apply to all Ukrainians who want to travel to Ireland. It will assist Irish citizens and their families in Ukraine, as well as the families of members of the Ukrainian community here in Ireland who may want to leave Ukraine. This measure will be kept under review and the Government will also work with colleagues on any further EU-wide measures that might assist those fleeing Ukraine.”Helen McEntee, Minister of Justice, Ireland

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