Millennial Women Are Conflicted About Working Remotely Because of The Fear of Missing Career Opportunities

Millenial women working remotely

A recent survey by theSkimm revealed that 67% of millennial women are conflicted about working remotely because they believe they will miss career opportunities by not returning to the office. And 40% said they feel more pressure to go back if they know their males’ colleagues are. 

As companies continue to trace their upcoming work plans, employees continue to speak up about their desire to continue working from home. Different reports and surveys have outlined that employees appreciate flexibility in the workplace to have a better work-life balance. However, millennial women are conflicted about not returning to the office.

theSkimm Back to “Normal” Report 

theSkimm surveyed 1,600 millennial women to find out the different opinions regarding returning to the office. Here are some of the key findings:

  • 67% of millennial women say that remote work options are their current priority. 
  • 65% say they have a better work-life balance when working remotely.
  • 67% say they are afraid of working remotely because they fear missing career opportunities by not being in the office.
  • 40% feel more pressure to go back to the office if they know their male colleagues are.

Companies have often defined their new workplace structure as hybrid, allowing remote work and onsite work. In other cases, the option of where to work is in the hands of employees. However, as the survey results highlight, many women are afraid of not returning because of losing potential opportunities. 

The Skimm’s co-CEO Carly, Sakin told CNBC that it’s important for companies to keep in mind that remote workers have equal growth opportunities to onsite employees:

We’ve been thinking a lot about what company leaders can do to ensure that everyone is on a level playing field. There’s a lot, none of it is clear cut, and it’s only getting more complicated. A performance model that fairly defines and evaluates performances, regardless of time spent in the office. Companies should get a sense of where their team is to get an idea of what their teams are asking for and where there are opportunities to support them.

Read the full report here.


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