Mexico Introduces New WFH Regulations, Including That Employers Should Cover Internet Expenses


Mexico’s Labor Department released new rules last week that require employees to provide internet, ergonomic chairs and gadgets for employees working from home. The new regulations also mandate a “right to disconnect” for employees who work at least 40% of their time from remote locations. Remote workers often complain that because they are constantly reachable at home, they are also constantly asked to work.

Mexico is one of the Latin American countries that have experienced the biggest increase in remote working during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. While office space continues to grow slowly back again, remote work still seems to be a priority for most employees.

The trend is so pronounced that office buildings downtown are converted into apartments, hospitals and stores.

The Labor Department said bosses are responsible for paying for the electricity, printers and other equipment used when working at home. The new rules explain that if an employee’s home isn’t safe, well, lit, and well-ventilated, they can’t be forced to work there.

Inspectors can visit an employee’s home, or employees may be asked to take pictures of their home to prove that it meets all the requirements. Additionally, remote workers can’t be paid less than those who go to an office, and they should also have set work hours.


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