Mexico City is Facing an Influx of Nomads 


Mexico City faces an influx of digital nomads, especially from North America. Almost two million foreigners arrived at the city´s international airport in the first half of this year. For most digital nomads earning in us dollars, Mexico is an attractive destination for its lower prices. However, researchers warn that the digital nomad influx could transform neighborhoods into expat bubbles. 

With the increase of people now being able to work from anywhere, some destinations have become more popular than others due to their prices. For instance, most countries in Latin America are turning into digital nomad hot spots, and among them is Mexico, known for its food and natural landscapes.

Mexico Faces Digital Nomad Influx: Threat or Opportunity? 

According to Nomad List, Mexico is the fastest-growing hub for remote workers. Popular cities such as Cancun and Tulum have had a speedy growth rate. Additionally, the country has granted permission, such as digital nomad visas, to those who want to stay for an extended period of time.

However, as a result, almost two million foreigners have arrived in the city, and researchers and activists no longer see this as a growth opportunity but as a threat mostly for two reasons: inflation and the transformation of traditional neighborhoods. 

For artist Sandra Valenzuela, digital nomads could potentially increase disparities in the country. Nomads seek cheaper cities where they can afford to live comfortably, and it becomes a problem when it starts displacing people. 

The main reason is that foreigners think of Mexico as a cheap location, where they basically can triple their income, as most of them earn in dollars but spend in pesos. 


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