Meta Says it’s Building a “Best in Class Remote Work Experience,” But Employees Differ


This year, Meta ended its lease in the San Antonio Center office buildings in Mountain View to build a “best-in-class remote work experience.” However, according to company moderators, those who worked at that offices are still forced to work in person at the tech behemoth´s Fremont campus.

This year, many companies have made their remote work policies official. Some opted towards hybrid work models, others fully remote, and the most controversial chose to return to the traditional onsite work model. In Meta´s case, while remote work is still a priority, their actions are taking a different turn.

Meta´s Work Policies 

One of Meta´s content moderators, an Accenture employee working on Meta´s Trust and Safety team, said this isn’t the first time that contracted and full time employees have had different treatment in the company. 

He mentioned that when the pandemic first hit, all of Meta´s employees started working fully remotely, but moderators were not allowed to go into lockdown.

“Many people were actually taking time off, their own PTO time off, to be at home and be out of the office and at less risk.”

According to Facebook, contractors and moderators were required to work at the office because the material was “too sensitive to be viewed at home or a lot from the office.”

However, it’s the same material they viewed when they were allowed to work from home, and they never had any problems. Likewise, another content moderator said it’s unfair to receive different treatment than full time employees, especially since all they need to do their work is a laptop. 


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