MENA Region Companies Moving To Flexible Work Models

MENA Region flexible work
Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

According to a report, businesses in the MENA area are gradually employing independent consultants and switching to more flexible workforce models in an effort to cut costs amid the worldwide surge in remote working.

According to a survey from Outsized, companies in the area are converting to a global and virtual workforce by including freelancers into their teams in order to use skilled talent internationally, enhance cost savings, and decrease their office footprint.

“Prior to the onset of the pandemic, enterprises were struggling to find the right talent to meet their needs and skilled talent found it difficult to find the right opportunities with blue-chip clients due to a very fragmented market. The Mena region is witnessing the dual benefit of local talent getting access to global opportunities and regional organisations getting access to global talent. Overall, the region will benefit greatly from the growth of the global on-demand talent economy.”Vikram Malhotra, Managing Director for the Mena region, Outsized

According to a recent study from payroll and remote onboarding startup Deel, the UAE is quickly becoming a hotspot for remote cross-border recruiting, with businesses in Canada, the US, the UK, and Israel tapping into a “pool of high-quality jobseekers” searching for full-time remote roles.

According to the Outsized research, the Middle East has one of the quickest rates of development for the freelancing economy. Financial services, management consulting, and strategy consulting firms are the top industries in the Mena area using freelancing workers. Skilled freelancers may anticipate to see the most increase in the education and training sectors.

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