Memphis: New Center To Support Women Entrepreneurs

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Based in Memphis, Women’s Business Center South recently announced a new project to support women entrepreneurs across the country. The expansion of Small Business Administration-funded centers inaugurates on August 23 at 11.30 a.m. The project aims to increase the federal effort to offer more resources to women-owned businesses.

Part of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, WBC South is one of 136 coworking centers. The SBA recently targeted the center with one of the federal agency’s largest investments in women-owned businesses in the last three decades. 

Promoting this initiative, Vonesha Mitchell and Lamisa Hasan want to grow the local economy by supporting entrepreneurship for both genders. As a result, running a coworking space on the fourth floor of Crosstown Concourse, the goal is to support women entrepreneurs. 

Memphis: New Center To Support Women Entrepreneurs

The centers provide networking opportunities, tech assistance, courses, and workshops from financial management to marketing and procurement. These services are designed for enterprises of all sizes and ages, targeting both one-woman startups to well-established businesses. In addition, the center supports women in getting certification and paperwork. 

After two weeks, the center received more than 140 women entrepreneurs’ applications looking for resources in different fields.  

As program manager for WBC South, Hasan, said: “There are so many different needs that our (women’s business enterprises) have. We’ll be providing technical assistance and also we will be starting up training […] so that we can really plug our WBEs into these types of classes so that they have the business and financial literacy to really be meeting some of these gaps that they’re running into.”

The center will start new training courses in August. 

Following the co-working trend, the project aims to create a safe space to support women entrepreneurs. The center benefits from remote work from qualifications to networking to create an alternative hub to grow personally and professionally. 

Women’s Business Center South

If you are interested in their courses, here is the contact info: 

Where: Crosstown Concourse, 1350 Concourse Ave., Suite 434

Contact: [email protected]

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