Meesho Employees Will Need to Work From Office Once a Week

Work from office Meesho
Photo by Yasmina H on Unsplash

Meesho, an Indian online store funded by SoftBank, will launch a model that will allow staff members to work remotely the rest of the week after coming in for one day of attendance in office. This work model will begin from June 1, 2023. The business is discontinuing its work-from-anywhere strategy.

1,850 people work for Meesho in total, with 50% of them headquartered in Bengaluru. The remaining employees are dispersed all around the nation. They would now have to move to Bengaluru or make a weekly trip to the city.

The Flexi-Office model provides complete financial assistance to employees moving to Bengaluru. This will include transportation, real estate brokerage, the movement of products, school readmission, and subsidized child care services for kids under the age of six. The employer will provide assistance and relocation leave.

Here’s what the company’s chief Human Resources officer said in a company blog post.

“This move is rooted in our culture of proactively soliciting and acting upon employee feedback. Our internal surveys reflect that while a boundary-less set-up has shown advantages like higher productivity, employees almost unanimously agree that we can further enhance team bonding and collaboration (especially for new joiners), quicker brainstorming and speed of execution.” Ashish Kumar Singh, Chief Human Resources Officer, Meesho

Flexi-Office combines once-weekly in-person presence in the office with primarily remote work. According to Meesho, it has been designed to give staff flexibility while fostering better relationships and teamwork among them.

A recent survey found that most workers felt the need for more in-person interactions to foster teamwork and camaraderie. Meesho announced that it is implementing the Flexi-Office model, which combines the flexibility and convenience of remote work, based on the survey’s results.

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