MCTS Reduces Transit Service Due to Remote Work

Milwaukee remote work
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

On November 21, Milwaukee County Transit System revealed service modifications that Milwaukee County has authorized in the 2023 annual budget. The adjustments are the result of a number of reasons, including a predicted financing deficit for transportation in 2025 and a COVID-19-induced shift to hybrid work patterns downtown that resulted in lower traffic on Freeway Flyer lines.

Federal stimulus funds utilized by MCTS to keep up transportation service, as per a Milwaukee County Comptroller report published earlier this year, will be unavailable in 2025.

Six express lines will be dropped, according to MCTS, which provided a complete list of service modifications and their timing. MCTS had previously said that it will terminate its contract with Waukesha County and Ozaukee County for Route 79 and Route 143 after December 31, 2022. The Ozaukee Express (143), with GoRiteway as the provider, will continue to be offered by Ozaukee County. Public hearings are being held by Waukesha County to discuss potential alternatives for its Freeway Flyer Routes.

The Summerfest and Festival Services are being considered. Since 2020, transportation to these events has been halted, mostly as a result of COVID-19-related labor shortages. Additionally, the anticipated financial shortfall in 2025 has forced MCTS to stop supporting unique events. These modifications were disclosed at a public meeting earlier this year by the County Board’s Committee on Transportation and Transit.

Many services across the world are changing owing to changing work models. With most people now working from home, transportation and real estate will now have to evolve according to changing working landscape,

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