McKinsey & Company: The American Opportunity Survey Results

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The new edition of McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey shares valuable insights on how many Americans are being offered the possibility to work from home and how they feel about it. In most cases (58%), job holders are currently working remotely at least part-time. 

McKinsey worked alongside the market-research firm Ipsos to survey 25,000 Americans. The report shares the number of people working remotely, how many days per week they have flexible arrangements, the gender, ethnicity, and education level of those wanting to work remotely, and more. 

The American Opportunity Survey Key Insights

One of the most relevant results from the survey is that 58% (the equivalent to 92 million) of people have the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week. 35% have the option to work remotely five days a week. According to the report, these results come from respondents with all kinds of jobs, not only with “white collar” jobs as expected.

23% (36 million) are offered remote work part-time or on certain occasions, and 42% are not offered remote work opportunities (66 million). 

Another striking result from the survey is that when offered, almost every employee would take the opportunity to work remotely. 87% of employees offered at least some remote work embraced the opportunity and spent an average of 3 days per week working from home. 

People offered full-time remote work spend more time working remotely, on average, 3.3 days a week. And 12% of respondents whose employers only offer part-time or occasional remote work say they worked five days a week from home. According to the survey, this contraction “appears indicative of a tension between how much flexibility employers offer and what employees demand.”

When it comes to industries, most of them support flexibility, but digital innovators believe it´s fundamental. A vast majority of employed people in computer and mathematical occupations report having remote-work options, and 77% report being willing to work fully remotely. 


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