Mayor Asks Downtown LA Businesses To Work Remotely

los angeles california freeway

Mayor Karen Bass has asked businesses in downtown LA to have their employees work remotely, if practical.

The reason? Crews continue assessing a repair to the 10 Freeway after it was significantly damaged over the weekend.

It remained closed from Alameda Street to Santa Fe Avenue after a pallet fire broke out early Saturday morning underneath the freeway before it was put out by firefighters

Mayor Bass said the time the freeway repairs will take could have “severe economic consequences.” This is why she suggested telecommuting like businesses did during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Mayor warned listeners the repairs could take an extensive amount of time.

“I do have to say to Angelenos, because safety is number one, it might be awhile,” she said. “There’s also no evidence now that this fire was started because of encampments nearby. A lot jumped to that conclusion but we do not have evidence to substantiate that.”


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