50% of Manhattan Employees Return to Office

Manhattan return to office
Photo by Louis Colbee on Unsplash

Manhattan’s offices are beginning to fill up again. A recent survey found that over half of workers have returned to their Manhattan workplace.

Recently updated statistics on office buildings were made available by the Partnership for New York City. The survey, which looked at patterns for this year among 160 businesses with operations in Manhattan, revealed that 49% of workers were returning to the workplace throughout the workweek.

However, this does not rule out the idea of working remotely. 77% of the workers questioned are still adhering to a mixed work approach in which they both physically attend the workplace and work remotely as well.

Only 9% of employees who return to work do so full time, compared to 37% who work three days a week. Additionally, 11% of people only attend the workplace once a week, while 15% go to work two days a week.

According to the survey’s forecasts, the return rate will likely increase in the coming year. 54% of employees are anticipated to return to their workplace in January, with 42% doing so three days a week. According to experts, employees are starting to return to the workplace for a variety of reasons, including networking and forming intrapersonal connections.

However, some businesses are hesitant to give up their work-from-home policy because they fear it would reduce production. Employers were questioned in the study about the causes of workers’ dissatisfaction with their return to work. The data showed that 36% of businesses cited employee claims that productivity from home is on par with or even exceeds that in the workplace as their main justification. While just 6% of employers claimed that it had to do with greater flexibility and work-life balance, other workers (24%) pointed to the lack of safety and dependability of public transit. Last year, Google bought a $2.1 billion office building in Manhattan and said it will encourage onsite work.

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