ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Announces Its Offline MFA For Enhanced Remote Work Security


Today, ManageEngine, the enterprise IT management branch of Zoho Corporation, has announced that ADSelfService Plus, its identity security solution, now provides offline multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Windows. According to the company, this new feature enables organizations to safeguard their data using advanced authentication methods. 

The new feature prevents unauthorized access to remote machines, even when not connected to the internet or when the authentication server is not accessible.

Why is Offline MFA Beneficial for Remote Companies?

Offline MFA improves the security of companies as it allows users to access their machines only after confirming their identity using MFA, even when not connected to the internet. 

“Its offline MFA feature mandates identity verification beyond a mere password and expands the security perimeter to physical devices that may be accessed offline, such as the laptop of a senior executive who is on the road or an engineer at a remote client site”   Parthiban Paramasivam, director of product management, ADSelfService Plus. (FinancialExpress)

Although security protocols like MFA are effective in protecting endpoints and sensitive data, they may not always be practical when the authentication server is offline or unavailable. 

This can leave organizations susceptible to attacks. Additionally, when a compromised device regains access to the server, cybercriminals can navigate through the network laterally and obtain access to other confidential information, posing a major risk to the entire organization. 

This is why offline MFA becomes a vital component in enhancing endpoint and network security measures.


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