Majority Of Singapore Employees Prefer Remote Work

city of singapore prefers remote work

According to a new study by International Monetary Fund (IMF) economists, 7 in 10 Singaporean workers exhibit a stronger preference for remote work

In the article released on Monday, economists Shujaat Khan and Margaux MacDonald said the share of Singaporean workers who prefer to work mostly from home has increased between 2021 and 2022.

They cited a 2022 report by PwC, which said that 73% of Singaporean workers indicated a strong preference for a hybrid work model in the next 12 months starting from June 2022.

This is higher than the global average of 63%. The PwC report revealed that in Singapore, both employees and employers have a higher average desire for remote work relative to almost all other countries.

Mr. Khan and Ms. MacDonald’s article stated that the rate of remote work has stabilized at around 20% in Singapore, slightly above pre-Covid-19 pandemic levels. 

Unlike other countries, the WFH trend in Singapore is not as heavily driven by education or gender. Rather, it is influenced by other factors, like age, perceived productivity, and specific working sectors.

For example, younger individuals in Singapore are more inclined to work from home, while Singaporeans with “higher perceived” self-assessed productivity place more value on working from home.

77% of employed residents working in digital sectors, such as information and communication sectors, worked remotely during the pandemic in 2020.

In contrast, only 11% of employed residents working in food and beverage services and 28% of health and social service workers worked remotely in that same period.


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