Live in Switzerland As a Digital Nomad

Switzerland digital nomads

Unlike most countries worldwide, Switzerland doesn’t offer a Visa scheme for digital nomads. However, the Swiss Digital Nomads’ Association is growing its community. And following a global trend, the association shares tips to live in Switzerland for digital nomads.

At the moment, the association of digital nomads living in the country counts 151 active members. Further, the Facebook group has 1,602 members working remotely in several industries.

How To Live in Switzerland As a Digital Nomad? 

  • Working for a foregin company, the contract must comply with Switzerland’s labor laws.
  • The most feasible options are as independent contractors or freelancers, complying with local regulations on self-employment.

For Swiss residents:

  • First, it is mandatory to declare annual income and pay taxes – even without a physical office address. 
  • Second, social security (AHV / AVS) contributions at a maximum rate of 9.7% of the annual income. 
  • Finally, compulsory health insurance, including accident coverage for independent contractors and freelancers.

Alternative working days in the country:

  • Train Tickets: most people like to purchase day tickets and work from a train with Wi-Fi, stopping in different stations. 
  • Co-working spaces: the country has numerous co-living and co-working spaces offering different amenities. 

On November 6, the Swiss Digital Nomads Association will hold a conference to share practical information to live as a digital nomad anywhere in the world. Discussing themes on independent entrepreneurship and remote work, the association is aligning the global trend of workation.

Even without visa schemes, Switzerland is a great pave to live as a digital nomad.


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