LinkedIn Announced That Employees Can Now Work Remotely Full-Time


LinkedIn will allow most employees to work remotely full-time as offices are gradually reopening. Teuila Hanson, LinkedIn’s Chief People Officer, told Reuters today that after evaluating internal surveys and the impact of returning to the office for most employees, they’ve decided to opt for more flexible measurements. Last October, the company had announced that employees were expected to work in the office at least 50% of the time when restrictions were lifted. But now, the decision is up to employees.

Remote work is now part of most companies’ new policies. As the COVID-19 situation is still delicate, with the new Delta variant, businesses need to have all the necessary measurements to keep employees safe. Google and Facebook announced that they would require all employees to be vaccinated when returning. Other companies, like LinkedIn, will leave the choice of returning to the office in the hands of employees. 

LinkedIn Enables Full-time Remote Work 

The new policy from Microsoft Corp’s professional social networking site is the opposite of the company’s initial instructions last year. Initially, employees were expected to return at least 50% of the time to the office. Now, the policy offers employees the flexibility to choose the way they want to work. Whether it is full-time or part-time remotely, the policy will apply to the 16,000 global LinkedIn employees. 

Before the announcement was made, Hanson said that the company was anticipating having more employees than before the pandemic. Additionally, she revealed that the company is not requiring employees to get vaccinated.

The new remote working policy highlights that employees who move locations will have their pay adjusted based on the local market. 


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