New Startup Uses Drones To Improve The Remote Work Experience

remote work experience

This week, local startup Linebird launched its Osprey Nonconductive Payload System to improve the remote work experience. The project uses drones to empower transmission line maintenance devices.

After over a year of remote work, new solutions are popping up to improve the remote work experience. Linebird startup launched a new project to help remote workers with their Internet connection. The aerial drone attachment allows remote users to maintain and monitor live electrical transmission lines. The system works like lineman’s tools. However, you can control it remotely from home while the drone fixes the transmission lines. 

The goal of the company isn’t to build or sell drones. Instead, they train remote users on their systems and services. Founded in 2018, the company is based in the co-working space Dominion Energy Innovation Center. Close to remote workers’ needs, the project came out to improve the experience of working from home.

According to CEO and founder Michael Beiro, the product is safer and more affordable than helicopters or bucket trucks. The prices range into the “low five figures,” and costs vary depending on individual needs or the type of drone. The system is compatible with different drone models.

For the first round of sales, Linebird aims to reach $1 million in revenue to expand the company. The startup secured $125,000 in pre-seed funding round from Washington-based SensorLink Corp. and CIT GAP Funds. While the plan is to use the funds through the end of the year, Linebird raised around $165,000.

While governments are battling CODIV restrictions, new tools and solutions pop up to improve the remote work experience. 


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