Line Plus Will Allow Employees to Work Remotely Abroad


Line Plus, the global arm of messaging app provider Line Corp. recently announced its “Line Hybrid Work 2.0” work system that includes guidelines for allowing employees to work remotely abroad.

Line Plus is going through a massive shift in the work environment. While they still have an onsite culture, their offices are being completely refurbished into more collaborative spaces. Large shared areas are replacing traditional cubicles with private rooms for online meetings. 

Line Hybrid Work 2.0

Line Hybrid Work 2.0 will allow employees to work from different locations. Starting July 1st, employees can work remotely from anywhere in work for up to 90 days. The only condition is that the location they choose has a time difference of fewer than four hours from Korea.

Employees will be able to work from the company´s major markets, such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Thailand, while also having the possibility to visit spots such as Guam and new Zealand.

With this new policy, the company hopes it will allow employees to increase productivity by having new work experiences through traveling. The policy also includes an annual 2 million won, equivalent to $1, 598 in financial support. 

Additionally, under this new policy, the company gives individuals and departments more autonomy. They can choose when to work offline, and there´s no regular mandate on what days they should come to the office. 


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