Limited Availability of ‘Remote Work’ in Job Postings Across Singapore


According to a recent report, job postings in Singapore offering remote work are still lagging behind despite high demand from jobseekers for such opportunities.

Data from the recruitment website Indeed showed that only 6.6% of job postings in May included the keywords “work from home” or “remote work” in their job descriptions.

“While this figure has seen a slight increase throughout the year, it still falls significantly below the levels observed in late 2021,” stated Indeed in a media release.

According to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), remote work opportunities in Singapore have experienced a consistent decline since last year, when on-site workplace activities began to resume.

The ministry’s Job Vacancies 2022 report revealed that in 2022, the proportion of roles offering remote work dropped to 21%.

Interestingly, despite this decline, there is still a strong desire among jobseekers for remote work. Indeed reported that 3.5% of job searches, or approximately one in every 28 searches, include keywords related to remote work.

Callam Pickering, APAC Senior Economist at Indeed, highlighted the potential impact of this employer-jobseeker disconnect on recruitment plans.

“Jobseekers continue to prioritize the flexibility offered by remote work. It will be intriguing to observe whether this apparent disparity between employers and jobseekers affects certain employers’ ability to attract suitable candidates in the future,” Callam Pickering


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