Landing Raises $125 Million to Redefine Corporate Housing

Modern Apartment

Startup lodging operator Landing raised $125 million to continue expanding through the US, reflecting a corporate trend for flexible living. As remote workers move from city to city, housing needs have transformed. 

Companies and startups continue innovating to adapt to the new needs that have emerged through the pandemic. As digital nomads continue growing, they are seeking flexible housing. As a response, startups such as Landing appear on the surface.

Landing: The Startup Changing Corporate Housing 

Landing claims to have the first flexible living membership model in 2019, which allows members to hop from city to city, staying in its network. They only have to give a two-week notice.

The startup currently has 20,000 units in 375 cities. 

Bill Smith, Landing´s CEO and Founder:

“Landing is focused on building the future of living for people seeking more flexibility and convenience. Our apartments are also well-suited for corporate housing.”


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