Ladies Of Egypt: Campaign To Promote Remote Work For Women

Remote work for women Egypt

The “Sayedat Masr” (Ladies of Egypt) initiative launched the country’s first e-campaign to encourage and promote women’s remote employment and more flexible working hours.

The initiative tackles the problems that working women face, as well as the benefits that flexible working hours and remote work can provide to businesses and society.

“Our goal in the campaign is to raise society’s awareness of the need to embrace working women and respect their social conditions instead of forcing them to quit their jobs or creating obstacles in front of them.”Radwa Hosny, Campaign coordinator

The “Sayedat Masr” initiative’s crew hails from many cities both inside and outside Egypt, which Hosny believes is the ideal example of remote work efficiency.

“Being an Egyptian woman, working remotely is the best way for me to balance my work as a content writer with completing my academic studies.”Radwa Hosny, Campaign coordinator

She clarified that the campaign does not push all women to stay at home, but rather provides a way for them to continue working while dealing with particular situations such as pregnancy or childcare.

She noted that experts in building remote work apps and programmes, as well as some employees and company owners who use these tools, had joined the campaign.

“Egyptian women suffer due to inequality in the labor market. They are exposed to many negative attitudes in the workplace, in addition to being more challenged to achieve a balance between work and family, and other factors that cause many competent women to be wasted, have a delay in their career or be prevented from assuming leading positions.”Radwa Hosny, Campaign coordinator

Hosny went on to say that tens of thousands of Egyptian women lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, and thousands more took unpaid leave or sick leave to care for their children after schools were closed, despite the fact that many of them could have kept their jobs if they had been allowed to work remotely.

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