Korean Government is Actively Supporting Remote Work 


The government of Korea is actively supporting businesses that allow their employees to work from home. Despite the Omicron wave, the government will provide free consulting services, offering advice on appropriate job diagnosis, HR management systems, and ways to find IT infrastructure, among other aspects.

For many companies, switching from onsite to permanently remote has not been easy. Even those adopting a hybrid approach still need to evaluate, invest, and figure out how to make this transition smoothly.

The Government of Korea Supports Remote Work

Besides offering advice, the government will also resolve difficulties caused by adopting the remote work system through the Ministry of Employment and Labor´s work-life balance website (www.worklife.kr). The website offers a one-on-one counseling service for companies adopting telecommuting systems. 

Additionally, the Korean government will provide financial support up to half, or a maxim of 20 million won ($15,785) to those companies purchasing programs and equipment for remote work and other costs related to remote work infrastructure. 

Son Young-rae, head of social strategy team is the Central Disaster Management Headquarters:

“As we have to live with Covid-19 for a while, telecommuting is a more desirable form in areas where it is required. The announcement means that the government will make efforts to promote telecommuting, as we believe that the establishment of a telecommuting system is a necessary measure for work-life balance.” 


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