Kickstarter’s Headquarters Are Up For Sale 


Remote work is taking its toll on city office spaces. Kickstarter is the latest corporation to put its headquarters up for sale.

The American crowdfunding company that helps others raise money for their creations went remote during the pandemic. Since their employees were happier and more productive, they eventually decided to stay that way.

And now, a 33,000-square-foot landmarked Brooklyn property that was reimagined as Kickstarter’s headquarters a decade ago is now for sale for $25 million. Previously, the property’s asking price was closer to $30 million.

“We won’t have a centralized office for individuals on the team,” then-CEO Aziz Hasan said in March 2022, four days before he stepped down.

“We’ve given them a stipend to choose if they want to build a better work-from-home setup, whether they want to use a local coworking space, or if they want to find other accommodations. But we won’t be going back to a centralized office.”

The two-story brick building has 150 feet of frontage along Kent Street on a block bounded by West and Franklin streets, and Greenpoint Avenue.


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