Kansas Town Offers $4,500, Internet, And ‘Fresh Eggs’ To Lure Remote Workers

Lincoln County, Kansas, is a rural community located 130 miles north of Wichita.

This home to just under 3,000 residents wants to become a powerhouse of young tech talent.

Therefore, the area is now recruiting new inhabitants through an innovative program to stimulate the local economy.

New residents participating in Lincoln County’s mover incentive program are offered enticing benefits.

These include $4,500 in cash, a $500 credit toward high-speed internet, and a gym membership.

Additionally, they offer a monthly supply of farm-fresh eggs and a free plot of land for home construction.

This initiative is part of a broader trend seen in other communities such as West Lafayette, Ellsworth County, and Tulsa. Similar programs have successfully driven economic development in low-population areas.

So, how do you qualify for this program? 

Applicants must be full-time remote workers earning at least $50,000 annually.

They should also reside outside of Kansas prior to the move and commit to living in the county for a minimum of one year.

Plus, applicants should relocate within six months of enrolling in the program.

An added incentive of $5,000 is available if a participant’s spouse or partner secures local employment.

Lincoln County’s program has already received over 330 applications, with more than 35 meeting the eligibility criteria.


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