Joplin Chamber of Commerce to Host Their First Event for Remote Workers

Joplin chamber remote workers
Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, the Joplin Area Remote Workers Committee and the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce will host their debut event for remote workers.

The “Where We Working Wednesday” event will unite remote workers, showcase local resources for remote employees, and honor remote workers. The Joseph Newman Innovation Center (NIC), which provides month-to-month office rentals and coworking spaces, will host an open house as part of the event.

There will be no closing time for the NIC. The general public is welcome to visit the building during this time and take advantage of free Day Passes to use the coworking spaces and their related services. Nomad Brew will sell coffee and lunch in the morning, while Easy Cuisine will be present at the NIC in the early afternoon. For remote employees, the event will also offer networking chances.

“Last month, The Wall Street Journal named the Joplin metro area the second-best location for remote workers in the country. We’re proud of this accomplishment, and we want to do our best to bring together the remote workers in our community.” Doug Hunt, Director of Entrepreneurship, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce

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