70% Job Applicants on BuiltIn Looking for Remote Opportunities

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Photo by Surface on Unsplash

The desire for remote work among tech talent is still high, according to data from Built In, a tech recruiting site that draws in close to 4 million people each month, but fewer organizations are providing these possibilities.

As a result, businesses that already have trouble hiring talented tech workers may be setting themselves up to fall behind in the fight for innovation.

On BuiltIn.com, remote employment accounted for 46% of all job postings as of March 2022. By January 2023, that percentage had fallen to 38%. Although more than 70% of all job applications go for remote positions and 30% go for in-office positions, candidates still favor these positions.

“The gap between what companies offer and what candidates want could leave companies in a bind. At Built In, we believe every company is a tech company or they will be soon, so competition for tech talent remains steep. Even amidst the wave of tech layoffs, the U.S. has many more open tech roles than qualified candidates. According to Bureau Statistics, the scarcity of engineers in the U.S. will reach 1.2 million by 2026. Given this skills gap, companies that deliver the flexible work arrangements candidates seek — hybrid and remote opportunities — are likely to win the talent and innovation race.” Maria Christopolous Katris, CEO, Built In

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