JLL Finland Survey Reveals The Truth About Remote Work Among Finns

Remote work in Finland
Photo by Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

According to a survey by commercial property consultant, JLL Finland, white collar workers in Finland want remote work to continue more than their international counterparts.

JLL reported that only 3% of white-collar workers in the country would choose to work from office. This is way lower than the 33% measured worldwide.

“After the pandemic, 97 per cent of employees would like to continue working remotely at least one day a week.”

Sofia Jakas, the Director of JLL Finland

The results of the JLL Finland survey are in contrast with other surveys from other parts of the world.

In July, CBRE had reported that remote work would continue at 1 day a week rate in Finland after the company conducted a large-scale survey about office space usage in the Asia-Pacific. The developments in property demand in Asia are generally similar to those in Europe.

However, according to JLL’s survey, things seem to be different in Finland.

“We have plenty of international views. Now we have the opportunity to compare Finnish data to international data. The world is changing constantly, and this was the situation in May.”

Sofia Jakas, the Director of JLL Finland

Remote work is perceived as a positive in Finland. Finnish white-collar workers also indicated that there’s no decline in motivation and productivity with remote work.

“People have adapted better than average and want to continue working remotely also going forward. Our homes are important to us and we enjoy spending time there. Overseas the workday is taken more advantage of socially – workers head out for drinks and snacks after the workday.”

Sofia Jakas, the Director of JLL Finland

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