New App For Digital Nomads And International Travelers

app digital nomads international travelers

Portuguese tech company iToorer launches a new app for digital nomads and international travelers. First, the app reduces the massive costs of data and roaming charges. Second, it provides communications channels for hotels, trip advisors, and useful suppliers for travelers. 

iToorer is a dev company focussing on global technology solutions for travel connectivity. Recently, the Portugal-based group launched a new mobile app for digital nomads and international travelers. The software works with a virtual SIM card. And it provides unlimited data for web browsing and international phone calls. Compatible with iPhones, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel tools, the app is for personal devices.

As a result, users won’t need to purchase expensive international data plans. Or deal with sky-high roaming charges. Or look for local SIM cards and unintended data usage packages. Above all, the app works in more than 100 countries. And it ensures high connectivity maintaining affordable service’s cost, security, and reliability.

In addition, the customizable software provides a revenue stream and communications channel for travelers. The app connects users with travel management companies and supplier partners. It allows direct communication to promote special deals, bookings, updates on delays and changes, and customer support. 

New App Features For Digital Nomads And International Travelers:

 Available in 12 languages, the app provides to users: 

  • High-Performance Connectivity: Instead of looking for international data plans or paying exorbitant roaming charges, the software provides unlimited high-performance connectivity and a secure private network.
  • Secure Internet Hotspot: Users can share data using the built-in wireless hotspot in their devices (laptop, tablet, or other devices). 
  • International and Outgoing Local Calls: Through the app, users can make International calls without extra costs. 
  • Direct Sales and Communications Channel for Partners: Finally, the iToorer app is available only in a B2B2C model. Users and travel business owners can connect through the app to share deals and info. 

Digital nomads and international travelers can use the app to connect with:

  1. Hotels promoting events, happy hours, F&B discounts, spa services, or offers to extend the stay or book a future stay.
  2. Travel Manager sharing tours, attraction tickets, restaurant reservations, and more. 
  3. Airline communicating flight delays and schedule changes with direct calls to customer service or reservations. 
  4. Loyalty Program incentivizing concierge services and special opportunities to earn or redeem points. 
  5. Car Rental providing contract extensions, upgrades, or add-on services. 
  6. Essential Features, Travel Content, and Discounts: The iToorer app includes a global, GPS-enabled directory to find points of interest and essential services (ATM, pharmacies, etc.) in over 100 countries.

The new app for digital nomads and international travelers is more affordable than most global data plans. And it’s free of charge for partners’ upfront investment. After the pandemic, tech companies promote tools and apps for digital nomads and international travelers. New methods and devices are coming out to facilitate the remote work experience.


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